Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PiViT LadderTool OSHA approved?

OSHA does not approve products, but they do have requirements for products. The PiViT LadderTool meets OSHA's requirements as a ladder jack when properly used with a belt/harness system.

Can I use the PiViT LadderTool with a step ladder?

The PiViT LadderTool is not to be used under the stationary feet of a step or A-frame ladder. We recommend only ladders with feet that can pivot and lay flat on the surface of the PiViT LadderTool.

How do l use on tile or metal roofs?

The PiViT Ladder Tool can only be used on asphalt shingle roofs. It can NOT be used on metal or tile roofs.

What is the PiViT LadderTool made of?

UV protected polypropylene plastic; similar to what a car battery casing is made of.

How much weight will the PiViT LadderTool hold?

It has been laboratory tested and is rated at 500 lbs. as a ladder jack and 500 lbs. on the ramps, exceeding the 300 lb. 1-A duty rating of a ladder.

What step size does the PiViT LadderTool work on and can I place it on a dropcloth?

The PiViT Ladder Tool will work on steps with a 7½-8" riser and 10" tread. It will work on carpet. We do not recommend placing paper or drop cloths underneath as the PiViT LadderTool needs to grip directly on the surface.

What ground clearance does it provide?

The PiViT Ladder Tool corrects ½" up to 13" on uneven ground: 1 side=½ to 7" the other side=7"-13"

How much does it weigh?

The PiViT Ladder Tool weighs nine pounds and measures 22¼" long x 15½" tall x 10" wide.

Do I need a RoofBoot?

The PiViT Ladder Tool can be used alone on roofs up to a 7/12 pitch. By adding a Roof Boot, you can use on roofs up to a 12/12 pitch. If you want to set up a plank, we recommend both a Roof Boot and PiViT Ladder Tool regardless of pitch.

How do I secure the Roof Boot to the roof?

Lift the asphalt shingle and attach directly to the solid surface of the roof. We recommend using 16 penny nails or #9 - 2½" construction screws. Always seal the nail/screw holes after removing.

How do I secure the PiViT Platform to the PiViT Ladder Tool?

The PiViT Platform snaps directly on to the PiViT Ladder Tool. No tools required. How wide is the PiViT Ladder Helper? The PiViT Ladder Helper is 18½" wide and is designed to fit between gutter brackets.

When can I expect delivery?

Orders received by 12:00 pm Central time Monday- Friday will be processed the same day. Orders depart our warehouse in Tennessee and ship by UPS Ground. We are closed weekends and holidays.

What is the warranty and refund policy?

Please review our warranty and refund policy on the website when checking out.