Roof Boot

  • Very few products can match the usefulness of the Roof Boot when it comes to working on roofs.  The Roof Boot makes steep roofs safer for you and your employees.  The Roof Boot's main function is to secure a PiViT Ladder Tool on a 7/12 pitch (or greater) asphalt shingled roof.  Sometimes it's difficult to secure a toe-board or a ladder when you are working on a roof, that is not the case with the Roof Boot.  The Roof Boot is easily secured by lifting up a shingle and nailing the Roof Boot as instructed.  Check out our images of the Roof Boot in action.

    Roof Boots are packaged and sold in pairs.  Refer to the instructions tab for installation restrictions and recommendations. 

    • Easy to handle
    • Secures on up to a 20 pitch roof
    • Designed for tool tether
    • Not for use on Metal or Tile roofs
    Improper use of the PiViT LadderTool, RoofBoot, PiViT Platform, and/or PiViT LadderHelper could result in serious injury or death. For a printable copy of the Roof Boot installation restrictions, please click HERE
  • Click the image below to download the Roof Boot instructions.


    Roof Boot Instructions


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Where is my order?


I ordered my products from provision tool online because the quality and price .

I think this will work for me

I use to nail 2x4 in roof, haven't try yet. Seen on Paint life Idaho painter

super slow shipping

I ordered on 5/11 and it is 5/24 today and is supposed to arrive tomorrow. So slow with shipping that they already sent me a "share your thoughts on your purchase" email a few minutes ago. So here are my thoughts.

Paid for itself the first job.

I had watched The Idaho Painter use these in a video and knew instantly how useful they would be. Every other product I tried to accomplish the same jobs just felt sketchy, I never felt secure and it's not easy to work at any height when you are unsure of even one piece of your equipment. That isn't the case with the roof boot. I will never work on a roof without these again.