PiViT® Ladder Helper

  • Protect yourself and your gutters! The latest addition to the PiViT line of ladder tools and accessories, the PiViT Ladder Helper, is specially designed to help protect your gutters from damaging scratches and dents made by ladders.  It also enhances safety by reducing sideways ladder movement.

    • Strong, lightweight, UV-stabilized polypropylene.
    • Specially shaped to fit over the majority of household and commercial gutters.
    • Ladder guides on either side to secure the ladder.
    • Anti-slip, ribbed rubber protects your gutter and helps prevent ladder movement.
    • Two-stage pole insert to fit a wide range of pole sizes, making setup quick and simple.

    Improper use of the PiViT LadderTool, RoofBoot, PiViT Platform, and/or PiViT LadderHelper could result in serious injury or death. The PiViT LadderHelper WILL NOT install correctly on gutters that are fitted with any type of gutter guards. If you are concerned that your gutters may be incompatible with the LadderHelper, please contact ProVisionTools for assistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Anyone who has to use a ladder should have one of these.

Pivot Ladder helper

My chimney repair guy had one of these and recommended it to me. I had new gutters installed last fall so I took his advice and bought one.

Pivot ladder helper

This is the neatest thing for a gutter protector and ladder support. My husband saw this and couldn’t wait to get it. He has already used it several times and loves it.

Great Product

Easy to order, received order quick and great product. I think all painters/roofers should use this gutter protector safe product. Thank you.

A must have if you rest your ladders on gutters

This tool is totally awesome it keeps from scratching the gutters and keeps your ladder from moving on the gutters which helps keep you and anyone on a ladder on a gutter safe,trust me you will be very glad you bought one or a few of these as iam about to buy another or two