PiViT Platform

  • The PiViT Platform installs on the top of your PiViT LadderTool to create a stable platform on your ladder. It has clever cut outs for storing tools, can hold a paint can (up to 5 gallons), creates a platform to stand on, and can accommodate a 12" walk-board.  It is capable of supporting up to 500 lb. (227 kilos) loads.

    The PiViT Platform enhances the performance and productivity of the PiViT Ladder Tool.

    • Snaps securely onto the PiVit LadderTool in seconds
    • Provides a secure platform to stand on
    • Can be used with 12" aluminum walk-board
    • Holds a variety of tools
    • Holds a 1-5 gallon can of paint

    Improper use of the PiViT LadderTool, RoofBoot, PiViT Platform, and/or PiViT LadderHelper could result in serious injury or death.

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