Here’s what PiViT Ladder Tool owners have to say.

  • “The PiViT is not just a tool, it’s like having another employee!” -Bob, Providence, RI

  • “Since buying the PiViT, I have not used my ladder jacks or roof jacks which cost more and are not nearly as easy to use.” -Hank, Newark, NJ

  • “The PiViT paid for itself the first hour I used it.” -Don, Nashville, TN

  • “This is the ULTIMATE wedge! It’s what we’ve always needed.” -Ryan, San Diego, CA

  • "I have been very pleased with the usability of the tool. I did not realize how useful it would prove to be when I purchased the tool. Nice and stable on stairs." -J. L. Jones

  • "I've had the same boot for about 10 years. Love it. Durable." -Rob


"A Must Have In Your Painter's Kit" 

“As a professional painter, I was introduced to this product two years ago. There are a few tools that are indispensable as a painter and this is the second most valuable next to Duck Tape. It not only saves time, but the product also is safer than any other conventional methods one might use to stabilize the work environment. My only regret is that I did not know about it earlier. A must have in your painter’s kit."



“An Absolute Life Saver. No really, a Life Saver” 

"The PiViT is a great tool to have for any interior or exterior job. It is a little pricey but well worth every penny. I have 3 of them and I love the versatility. No painter should go without having, at the very least, one PiViT in their arsenal. It will pay for itself the first time you use it."



“Simple, Safe, and Helpful”

“I felt completely comfortable on the ladder as I reached a spot that was difficult to paint. I could certainly have reached the spot with an extension for the roller, but for precision work I needed to be up close. I've also used it to make it easier to change hard-to-reach light bulbs over the stairs. I've loaned the PiViT out to several friends already, and they all love it.”

-Chuck, Center City, MN


“Pivit Ladder Tool is awesome!”

Normally I would send 2 men to work on windows or walls that are above stairwells but after purchasing this tool, it's a one man job. The PiViT ladder is unbelievably sturdy and working with ladders on stairs couldn't be any easier. I highly recommend it.
-Michael, St. Louis, MO 


 “First class accessory

“I originally borrowed a pair of these from a friend when I was painting the exterior of my house a few years ago. Since then I have borrowed them at least once every year, so I finally decided it was time to get my own! The grips on these ladder supports could not be bettered, and I've always found them to remain firm and stable under all conditions of use. They are lightweight, sturdy and entirely reliable, providing rock-solid support on every pitched roof I've used them on. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!”



"Great Invention" 

“This is my second one because they work so well in pairs. From small ladder bracket scaffolding to an excellent plank leveler when siding or installing a window on a roof. Multiple roof pitches prove no problem. Secure grip on most surfaces. I used to make these out of plywood, but these are longer lasting and safer.”

-James,  Long Island, NY


 Helpful Tool” 

"Pretty simple device, just an angled wedge, but very helpful for working on uneven surfaces, which is just about everywhere."

-Keith C. 


"I love it"

“This is a tool that most people scratch their head and wonder how it can be useful. Well I love it, on the roof, on a hillside and the stairs for leveling my ladder or for standing on. The tool has great grip on shingles and won't slip, gives you added confidence. I now have two of them, used recently on a roof with an extension ladder to give me greater security.”