Spring Cleaning Tips

We all want a clean house but don't always want to sacrifice our free time from family, work, friends, kids and our much needed alone time.

Here are some simple things to do each day to make your house cleaner and have one less thing to check off your endless "to-do list". 


Our List of Daily To-Do's

1) Clean your baseboards. We recommend using a magic eraser with a detachable handle to get rid of those annoying scuffs. Simply add water and watch those scuffs disappear.

2) Clean the blades off on your ceiling fans. 

3) Clean the inside and outside of your windows off. Make sure to use an extension ladder and the PiViT Ladder Tool for those tough to reach spots. 

4) Clean your blinds. Use a wet cloth for a cheap and effective way to get rid of dust. Tip- for blinds with extra dust, use a vacuum with a brush attachment. 

5) Clean out your junk drawer. Throw away everything you don't need then organize the rest. 

6) Clean out your refrigerator and toss out expired food. Tip- keep baking soda in your fridge to keep unwanted smells out and replace every 30 days. 

7) Clean your oven/stove top. Don't forget to clean behind the oven and to clean out the grease traps and vents as well. 

Let us know some of your spring cleaning tips and sounds off in the comments below. 

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